Explore Lopud and surroundings

Looking for Lopud tour guide? Our new family member Ružica (Rosy) is certified tour guide for Dubrovnik and surroundings. From summer 2020 she offers a number of exciting tailor made tours on Lopud, Elaphiti islands and Dubrovnik area. Romantic boat tours, foodie tours, day trips to Bosnia and Herzegovina… Take your pick. Contact Ružica on Viber, Whatsapp or text her on +385 (0) 92 365 0644 or email her on lopudguide@gmail.com.

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Lopud walking tours

Discover the exciting history of an island that used to have ten times more inhabitants than today, its own shipyard, ship fleet, many rich residents and aristocrats living in stone mansions with glamorous parks and private chapels, and much more… If you’re up for some hiking, your guide will take you to an old fortress on top of the hill and bring a picnic basket with tasty bites and drinks to enjoy with a view of the entire Lopud bay.

Dubrovnik walking & boat tours

Explore Dubrovnik’s Old Town highlights and secret gems in this walking and boat fusion tour. Dive into its peculiar stories of a time when medieval ladies and gentlemen walked these streets. This tour is spiced with a seaside panoramic view of city walls. At the same time, Dubrovnik’s captivating sunset will be cherry on the pie to an unforgettable experience. And don’t worry, every aspect of this tour can be arranged to accommodate your needs.

Olive oil & wine tasting tours

Our tailor-made olive oil and wine tasting tour is a perfect match for all food lovers out there. With this tour, we will combine the very best of island life, delicious food, stories, and fun. You will discover secrets about the production of virgin olive oil and try authentic local seasonally-inspired bites accompanied by a glass of wine (or two).
Moreover, we will find some hidden spots that your guide will share only with you.

Day trips to Dubrovnik region

Get to know nearby “under the radar” places in our fully adjustable private day tours. Explore the Herzegovina region and its cultural diversity, beautiful nature, and history. Are you for some Herzegovina’s wines, prosciutto, cheese, and homemade bread? In the heart of Herzegovina, we will visit a family-run wine cellar where everything of this will be served for you. And, if you are brave enough, dare to tray some homemade grappa!


Check out Rosy’s stories on Lopud

The Story of Miho Pracat

The Story of Miho Pracat

This is the story of Miho Pracat, an accomplished merchant born on the island of Lopud, known for his persistence and diligence.

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